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Basic information
Graphical layout
Confidentiality of information
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Basic information

Your documents are prepared with meticulous care. As soon as we have received your document, it is assessed and, depending on the field to which it relates, it is passed on to a selected translator specialised in this field. We don't pay attention "merely" to the standard of language, but care is taken at least to the same extent with the level of specialisation and familiarity of the translator with the field in question. In cases of long-term cooperation, we ensure that your documents are handled by the same translator (or translators), for two main reasons:

1. The sequence of your documents enables the translator to become more perfectly oriented towards your specific needs and procedures, thanks to which the given text will have exactly the right wording,

2. We ensure the uniformity of the terminology used, which can significantly vary even within a single field of expertise. This makes your documents more compact and free from misunderstandings which could otherwise be caused by different uses of specialist terms, were the texts to be handled by more than one source.

Before the completed translation is sent, it is carefully checked to ensure that it conforms to the original text, especially with regard to any possible errors in numbering and specific data, and that the text is complete; it is important to bear in mind mistakes caused by the human factor, which this check is designed to eliminate.

Graphical layout

Graphical layout (formatting) of documents is a matter of course. We are ready to meet your requirements and make the final document graphically identical to the original text.

Co-operation with a DTP Studio enables us to fully process your company´s presentation materials, such as brochures, catalogues, annual reports or your presentation on the Internet.

Confidentiality of information

All of the information given in your documents is considered to be highly confidential. This condition is a fixed part of the contracts with our translators, just as it is in contracts with clients. Great emphasis is placed on the protection of your information and all appropriate measures are taken.


  • We use CAT tools for our works. We offer our clients preparation of a client's dictionary of specialist terms, FREE OF CHARGE. The purpose behind this is to unify the terminology repeatedly used with that the client usually uses in its field of activity.

  • We realize the importance of quick communication nowadays so we always try to meet client´s requirements as much as possible, and we rarely charge express fees.

  • Naturally we provide court attestation of translated documents from individual languages at a reasonable price.

  • With translations intended for the press, it is often required that the text is corrected by a native speaker. We also have a high-quality workforce for this purpose.

  • Right from the first order each client is given a customer card, showing all the translations he has ordered. Once the number of standard pages exceeds 300, the client automatically receives a 2 % discount on all subsequent orders - both translation and interpreting work. This discount is cumulative, while we provide one-off discount rates on larger orders, as described in the price list; when ordering a translation of more than 100 standard pages, or when exceeding this figure, there is an automatic discount of 7 %.


We make every possible effort to ensure that your documents are processed to the highest standard in all aspects. Our aim is to keep you satisfied and to make it easier for you to communicate with your partners overseas, thus allowing you to fully devote yourself to your business. We trust that you will be happy with our services.

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